Hi! friends,
                  This is sanath. I am sorry 2 say that I don't know even the meaning of my name but it has a great importance
because my name include my parents names....
Sa---samrajyam(Mother's name)
Na---Nakshatra Rao(Father's name)
Th---Thanayudu(means 'son')
                         .......  nice kadha   .....
so i feel there is no reason in knowing my name's meaning
as it won't look good than this...

                                   About me
Name : Thumu Sanath
Father's name: Thumu Nakshatra Rao
Mother's name: Thumu Samrajyam
sister's name: Thumu Sri Divya.
Date of Birth: 13-9-1993
Qualification: 2nd Inter
Interested in : cricket,shuttle,dance....
Hobbies : sleeping,singing songs,playing games...
Best Friend : Venkata Balaji

ROCK ON...!!

Just ROCK!!!
                     Do what U like
                                           Don't compromise in anything.
                                                                                        It's ur life just enjoy...

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